Little Sparks



  • Focus Position Number 1
  • Upper Block Right Hand
  • 10 Toe Touches
  • Demonstrate Proper Bow




  • Focus Position Number 2
  • Palm Heel Block Left Hand
  • Kangaroo Hop
  • Right Foot Stomp




  • Focus Position Number 3
  • Left Leg Foot Stomp
  • Upper Block Left Hand
  • Balance on one foot 10 Seconds
  • Know first and last name
  • Dojo Precept #: HUMILITY




  • Focus Position Number 4
  • Kangaroo Bop (Straight Punch) Right Hand
  • Upper Block (Alternate both hands 5 blocks each)
  • Ball Catch
  • Self Defense: Who is a Stranger
  • Dojo Precept #2: SELF CONTROL




  • Focus Position Number 5
  • Palm Heel Block (Right Hand)
  • 5 Sit-ups
  • Forward Roll
  • Self Defense: Safety Words
  • Dojo Precept #3: INTEGRITY




  • Focus Position Number 6
  • Palm Heel Block (Alternate Both Hands 5 Blocks Each)
  • Horse Stance; Front Stance
  • Self Defense: Using 911
  • Dojo Precept #4: COURTESY




  • Focus Position Number 7
  • 3 Push-Ups; Back Fist Strike
  • Kangaroo Kick (Front Kick) Both Legs
  • Self Defense: Avoiding Child Lures
  • Dojo Precept #5: DISCIPLINE




  • Focus Position Number 8
  • Karate Chop
  • 5 Jumping Jacks
  • Self Defense: Wrist Release
  • Eagle Fall; Front Fall
  • Dojo Precept #6: PERSEVERANCE




  • Demonstrates all 8 Focus positions
  • Able to recite all 6 Dojo Precepts
  • Side Fall; Basic Leg Sweep Take Down
  • Self Defense: Front Bear Hug over the arms
  • 5 Push Ups
  • 10 Sit-ups




  • Cobra Strikes Kata
  • Jump Rope 3 Times
  • 10 Jumping Jacks
  • N.V.P. (Non-Violent Posture)
  • Balance on 1 Leg 20 Seconds
  • Self Defense: Over Hand Right


After Little Sparks graduate to earn their Gold/Black belt, they transfer up to the Children’s Curriculum as a Gold Belt.

WAITING PERIOD BETWEEN BELTS: The waiting period was established to ensure that the student has the knowledge necessary to test to the next rank. It is not a time requirement, but a minimum class requirement based on an average of two classes per week. This means that during a two month period between beginner rank belts, it is to be understood that the student will attend at least 16 regular classes to prepare for the next rank, and during the three month period between advanced rank, he/she must attend at least 24 regular classes. Therefore, if a student comes to class sporadically, it is likely that he/she will not test after the 2-3 month waiting period, but at a later date when they have attended the required number of classes and demonstrated that the knowledge to represent the desired rank has been achieved. As the student progresses to advanced rank, this will be more strictly enforced at the discretion of the Sosais.

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