Family Activities

At Phoenix we are family centered, as such we have a host of family activities throughout the year, some as fundraisers for a number of causes.

  • Movie Nights – Movies at the Dojo with friends and family, drinks, and popcorn
  • Halloween Party – Dress up, play games, walk through the haunted house, and bring a back for candy
  • Easter Egg Hunt – Hunt for candy in the Dojo in the fastest Easter Egg Hunt in the L/A area
  • Dojo Pool Party – Party at the Sosia’s pool for all ages
  • Beach Training – Class on the beach in and out of the water (wear your suit under your gi)
  • Dance Party
  • Nerf Gun Battles – Bring your Nerf gun for a battle royal in the Dojo with barriers, smoke machine, and music
  • Family Game Night – Bring your favorite board games and share

Annual Beach Training

Easter Candy “Hunt”

Annual Halloween Party

Family Movie Nights

Annual Dojo Pool Party

Water Gun Battle

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