Yama No Kami

Yama no kami is a family Bujutsu originally called Kamui no Niwa meaning “Garden of the gods” and was considered a gift to humankind it’s traditions were not limited to just warfare and martial practice alone but skills of living in alignment with all life. Mr. Doyon has always had an affinity for all things martial from a young age. When he was 19 he met a Guide of the art and began his journey. After a short time in practice was gifted to a master of the lineage where he would spend the next 20 years of his journey. ” The aim of training is to embody the spirit of the warriors of old, while simultaneously unlocking the mind to find safe passage in dark times.” Trained in the area’s of unarmed and armed combat he continues his endless endeavor of practice. “Only by drinking from the stream daily do we quench our thirst for knowledge and growth.”

The path of learning in the practice of the art is represented by the garden…a seed is like the mind of a beginner being planted in the rich soil of a long tradition. The pouring of knowledge onto the mind starts to build a connection to the warriors of old…through training, knowledge and connection growth happens. In our way the mindset of a warrior is not forged in the shower of competition but bathed in the blood and sweat of practice. A flower in the garden does not compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms…from a young seed to an old flower we observe the practice of one hand clapping signifying our unified aim towards the warriors way of life in every breath…

Yama no kami means spirit of the mountain. It’s in honor of the place where our lineage comes from. Today the art is preserved through the practice with various weapons and cultural disciplines. From meditative movements to martial practice. In this we take our first steps in aligning our spirits with a higher sense of awareness. Through the study of our tradition the hesitant mind is slowly erased so that the heart of the practitioner may be at peace…

Class Offerings and Times:

  • Adult Phoenix Students Bokken Training- Wednesday 7:00pm-7:45pm
  • Kid Phoenix Students Bokken Training Phoenix Students – Saturday 10:30am – 11:15am
  • Adults’ Sword Combatives Drop-in Class $25 – Saturday 11:30am-12:15pm

Ranking System: 

Message on why we rank from black to white…The coveted black belt can create more of the thing we don’t want in our evolution…Ego. In the beginning a students cup is often full of thoughts, ideas, dreams etc. The black belt represents this stage. The journey between black and brown belt is the emptying of old thoughts and dreams of learning the way, focusing on the only word that need be spoken “Practice”. The brown belt is the continuation of the emptying process. It signifies the first step to mastery over the self, at this stage students are considered illustrators of the basic principles and techniques. The journey from brown to white is a fine tuning the basic skill set. The white belt signifies the purity of our practice and a deep spiritual connection to the training. At this stage students are considered guides, it is no longer what’s around your waist but what you carry in your heart…In this way we honor all those who have carried and protected the knowledge as someday it will be our duty to do the same…

Black Belt – “Beginner” : 
White Scroll:
– Tying belt knot
-Folding uniform
– Happo-giri 
– Level 1 sword meditations

Green Scroll
– Level 2 sword meditations
Blue Scroll
-Level 3 sword meditations
Red Scroll
-Level 4 sword meditations
Brown Scroll
– Level 5 sword meditations
Black Scroll
– Level 6 sword meditations

Brown Belt (Illustrator)
– 6 great sets
– Paired meditations
– Sageyo(storage and application)
– Hakama( folding and wearing)

White Belt (Guide)
32 single meditations (previously covered over the 6 levels between Black
Belt and Brown Belt performed with metal practice sword while wearing
sageyo and hakama)

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