About Us: Our Instructors

Sosais Harry and Donna Harris both began studying the martial arts in 2001.
Harry studied and ranked in Okinawan Kenpo. Donna studied and ranked in Okinawan Kenpo and Kyokushin Karate. Sosai Donna competed in several tournaments from 2001- 2004 and represented the USA in a world championship tournament held in Japan in 2004.
In 2006 Sosai Donna formed the K.I.C.K.S. (Kids In Control Keep Safe) Anti-Bully and Child Safety education program.
Sosais Donna and Harry opened Phoenix Karate in 2009. They reside in Auburn with their son Connor who is also a Black Belt.

Sensei  Mark Fryover-Instructor

Sensei Mark has trained in multiple disciplines throughout the years and is one of the founding members of Pinan-Do Karate.

His key focus is to help adult beginners learn the core building blocks, providing a strong foundation to build strong karate practitioners.

Senpai Rob Little-Instructor

Senpai Rob comes from a very strong Okinawan Kenpo background coupled with multiple years of training in mixed martial arts. Boxing, Kickboxing, and fluid fighting movement make him an excellent teacher at Phoenix No Limits Karate!

Senpai Deron Treadwell-Instructor

Senpai Deron is a Shodan (Level-1) Black Belt instructor with Phoenix No Limits Karate.  Senpai’s strength is in the Bunkai ( Translating the practiced forms called Kata). His insight as to what the moves mean helps all students understand why we move the way we do, and why we practice these ancient ways.

Senpai Doug Bishopp-Instructor

Senpai Doug is a Shodan (Level-1) Black Belt instructor with Phoenix No Limits Karate.  Senpai is well trained in several forms, traditional weapons, as well as modern day weapons.  He owns his own self-defense training for advanced awareness and tactics.  His understanding of modern day safety helps students see and react to situations before they become potentially dangerous.

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