2019 Phoenix Karate Academy’s Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge begins on 1/7/19 and Ends 3/17/19!

Last Years winner won over $300 in cash! Open to students and non students Alike.

Weight Loss Rules:

Cost to Join $25

Weigh in when you join at the dojo and final weight measured on the same scale at the dojo. Includes all fitness classes at Phoenix. Winner determined by greatest percentage loss.

1st place= 1/2 the $

2nd Place=2 mos Tuition at Phoenix

3rd place= 1 mos Tuition

Fitness Challenge:

$10 to join- Winner based on greatest percentage improvement

#Push-Ups in One Min

Sit-Ups in One Min

Pull-Ups in On Min

1st Place = 1/2 $ from Fitness Reg

2nd Place =2 Mos Tuition at Phoenix

3rd= 1 mos Tuition at Phoenix

Toddler Challenge – age 2-4

Most Toe Touches in 1 Min

Cost to join $5

Greatest percentage improvement wins

1st Place = 1/2 $ from Toddler Registration

2nd = 2 mos Toddler Tuition

3rd= 1 mos Toddler Tuition

All challenges are open to non students as well and all challengers are permitted to take unlimited fitness classes at Phoenix during the contest. Share with friends and family! Let’s start 2019 of with good health practices!

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